Splenic rupture after colonoscopy diagnosed by bedside ultrasonography



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El Tawil, C. ., Traboulsy , S., & El Asmar , A. (2021). Splenic rupture after colonoscopy diagnosed by bedside ultrasonography. Mediterranean Journal of Emergency Medicine, (28), 43-44. Retrieved from https://www.mjemonline.com/index.php/mjem/article/view/95


Introduction: Colonoscopy is a relatively safe procedure with low complication rates. A rare, but possible complication of colonoscopy is splenic rupture.

Case Presentation: A fifty nine years old patient presented one day post colonoscopy with vomiting and abdominal distention. The patient was hypotensive despite normal saline resuscitation. Bedside ultrasound showed fluid in the pelvis and a shattered spleen with splenic hematoma. The patient had an emergent laparotomy and splenectomy with no intraoperation complications.

Conclusion: Splenic rupture after colonoscopy is a rare complication and the use of bedside ultrasound by the emergency physicians is helpful in the early diagnosis and management of hemodynamically unstable patients.



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