Crise aiguë thyrotoxique : un cas d’une présentation clinique de méningite bactérienne

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Cazes, N. ., Balasoupramanien, K. ., Comat, G. ., & Romary, . Émeric . (2021). Crise aiguë thyrotoxique : un cas d’une présentation clinique de méningite bactérienne. Mediterranean Journal of Emergency Medicine, (29). Retrieved from


A 31-year-old woman presented to the emergency room for symptoms that promptly evoked thyrotoxicosis in a dysthyroid patient. The evolution was quickly unfavorable despite the initial specific management of thyrotoxicosis. The search for a cause for the acute decompensation of her thyroid pathology has led to the diagnosis of acute bacterial meningitis. The treatment of the meningitis has quickly improved the patient’s condition. This case illustrates the necessity of looking for an acute underlying cause for thyrotoxicosis to not delay the treatment or risk aggravating the case. This clinical case also illustrates the management of thyrotoxicosis, a known but very rare pathology.



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